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Solar Batteries


With 8 mm spine hybrid special alloy ABM solar batteries give an undisputed edge by delivering the maximum output that is more economical than most of the common batteries in the market. The future of affordable and reliable power is to JUST GO SOLAR!

Our valuable clients are better proof of the consistent quality and service we offer in the market! By default OUR CUSTOMER-CENTRIC FOCUS has sustained success for decades!

Solar Battery

Application - Solar Batteries.

  • Hybrid alloy used, for Low maintenance of the battery
  • Special tubular positive plate for long life in deep discharge cycle
  • Negative plate with special additives and expanders for better charge and discharge cycle
  • DARAMIC (France) PE envelope separator by virtue of high porosity, low electrical resistance and excellent oxidation resistance, serve as a perfect separation medium

Features - Solar Batteries.

  • Batteries Mentioned at C10 rating
  • Ideal for all Powergrids
  • Ideal for all Home Inverters
  • Highpressure Casting tubular positive plate design
  • Special Alloy for maximum number of cycles
  • Capacity to withstand partial state of charge operation
  • Solar battery ranges from : 50AH to 200AH
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